The TC 300 series flexible steel frame shelter services a wide variety of vehicle sizes and types, while providing full unimpeded access to the interior of the trailer. The flexible steel X arm frame yields to misguided vehicles and aids in the prevention of costly building and shelter damage. If an off-center trailer contacts the frame it moves upwards and back to prevent potential damage to the wall and/or shelter. After the vehicle leaves the X arm design returns the frame to its original position. The top is raked to promote drainage and top and sides are covered with a translucent fabric to protect from the elements and permit light to enter. Two steel protectors and bottom draft pads are standard.

TC310 — 22 oz. Vinyl ---- Medium usage
TC320 — 40 oz. Vinyl ---- Medium to Heavy usage
TC340 — Truk Flex™ ---- Heavy usage
TC350 — Rough Flex™ -- Medium usage
TC360 — Max Flex™ ----- Very heavy usage


  • Standard unit is 11’6” wide x 11’ high x 24” projection with 36” curtain drop for 10’W x 10’H opening
  • Head curtain has five fiberglass stays, four overlapping wear pleats per side & wind straps
  • Side curtains have closed cell neoprene sealing edge, bottom wear panels & fiberglass stays max 16” O.C.
  • Galvanized steel X arms and steel tube framework
  • 22 oz. vinyl base fabric
  • One pair foam bottom draft pads & one pair of structural steel protector assemblies
  • 7’0” between side panels at face


  • Services a wide variety of high volume traffic with varying widths & heights
  • Durable frame of double kiln dried pressure treated lumber at rear, galvanized steel tube framing & X-arm sides with raked header to permit drainage
  • Flexible translucent covering provides protection from the elements & admits light
  • Flexible ScotchPly® stays enable curtains to tightly seal against trailer
  • Durapleat®(s) on the outer upper edge of side curtains protect against tears
  • Two added layers of fabric on side curtains reinforce bottom & prolong life
  • Provides full unimpeded access to the interior of the trailer
  • Yellow guide stripes to assist positioning of trailers
  • Two foam bottom draft pads help prevent air flow into the loading dock area
  • Wide selection of highly durable fabrics & wear surfaces to maximize durability
  • Steel bumper stop assembly protects the shelter from misguided trailers