Modular Protective Barrier

Modular Protective Barrier

Available in 20" single or 42" double post design with guard rail lengths up to 10'.

  • Bluff's Modular Protective Barrier Guard Rail System offers an inexpensive and simple answer to solving very difficult safety barrier protection problems in your warehouse or plant.
  • Protect personnel, machinery, in-plant offices, electrical panels, tool cribs, conveyors, finished products, receiving docks, cooling equipment and may other areas in your plant by utilizing Bluff's economical Modular Protective Barrier guardrail system.

Light-Weight guard rails for easy lifting.

  • Simple to install, add-on or to custom size guardrail lengths in the field.
  • The "lift out" design allows temporary access to specific areas quickly and safely...No time consuming or expensive re-installation required.
  • 42" double guard rail meets OSHA guidelines for fall protection.
  • High quality safety yellow enamel paint finish.

Optional floor rail is positioned 2" off ground to deter pallet jack entry.

Rails / Posts

  • 2" x 4" x 11 GA steel tubing
  • 3" x 3" x 11 GA steel tubing columns
  • 8" x 8" 1/4" steel base plates
  • 9/16" mounting holes
  • Columns are capped
  • Installation hardware not included