Double Horizontal Recirculatory Air Door With Fabric Roll-Up

Double Horizontal Recirculatory Air Door With Fabric Roll-Up

AirSeal’s 715DS invisible dual air barrier door with the integral high-speed fabric roll-up & automatic initiation provides high seal efficiency during slow traffic periods.
  • AirSeal’s invisible dual air barriers allow for unobstructed traffic flow with reduced refrigeration loss and/or heat gain.
  • Significantly reduces fog, ice and moisture associated with wide-open doorways.
  • Adjustable and programmable air speed controls, allowing for precise application settings.
  • Integrated self-regulating EPLC controlled heater unit for optimal air mixing temperature control and condensation reduction.
  • AirSeal’s efficiency reduces coil defrosting burden and improves refrigeration cycle efficiency.
  • Electric or hot gas heat reclaim allows for precise application requirements.
  • Eliminates maintenance costs associated with hard panel doors.No need for energy absorbing infrared heat lamps.
  • Reduction of ice, fog and moisture dramatically increases safety and material handling.
  • Integral high-speed fabric roll-up door with automatic initiation which provides high seal efficiency during slow traffic periods.
  • Fully programmable logic controller with preset modes for maximum energy cost savings.
  • All galvanized or stainless steel design for cleanability.
  • Integrated high speed fabric door with automatic initiation during slow traffic periods.
Door Sizes
  • Maximum:10’0” x 15’0”.
  • Minimum:  6’0” x  6’0”.
    (Other sizes available - Consult factory)
Panel Construction

Fabric door:

  • Two-ply PVC impregnated polyester woven fabric.
  • Integral panel stiffeners.
Frame Construction
  • Galvanized metal.
Electrical Features
  • NEMA-4 fiberglass control box.
  • Fully programmable EPLC controls.
  • Variable frequency drive.
  • Optimization Controls (Freezer door).
Operator Features
  • AirSeal: High efficiency low maintenance direct drive operators with minimum 5 h.p. motors.
  • Fabric Door: In-line, high efficiency 3/4 h.p. electrical motor.

Electric Operation

  • AirSeal: 4,600 cfm each door at 4” of water gauge.
  • Fabric Door: Two speed operation:
    Open at 42"/sec.
    Close at 21"/sec.
Performance Features

Fabric Door:

  • Reversing edge for instant stop/reverse.
  • Send & receive photoeye built in side frame.
  • Breakaway bottom bar.
  • Floor accessible manual release.
  • Electric activated instant reversing edge.
  • Pull cord actuator.
  • Remote mount push buttons.
  • Photoeye actuator.
  • Radio control actuator: single or multiple channel transmitter.
  • Loop detector system actuator.
  • Motion detector.
  • Time delay close.
  • Pre-announce to close kit (light/alarm/or combo).
  • Fabric door - barrel & operator shroud.Vision panel - 28" high across full width of panel.
  • White fabric panel.
  • Emergency manual release on non-operator side of door.
  • Digital display on cooler door.
  • Interlock to existing door.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • One year limited warranty on all components.